Designer Guidance

  1. Add your new image/design
  2. Your image/design name
  3. Set your own price
  4. Set your ‘Cover Image’ for your image/design (square PNG/JPG RGB format 1000 x 1000 px)
  5. Write description about your image/design
  6. Choose your categories
  7. Write hashtag for your image/design (ex: illustration, logo, template, design, vector, modern, etc)
  8. Your image/design EPS Zipped file name
  9. Upload your image/design EPS on ZIP/RAR format with maximum 16 mb
  10. Copy paste your image/design description for SEO purpose (step 5)
  11. Submit your design for ‘review’ process


  • Keep ‘Virtual & downloadable’ Eps option stay checked!
  • Make sure the font/text on your design is ‘outlined’
  • Make sure your vector design is not containing ‘open path’
  • Make sure your file have a ‘same name’ with your design name (Step 2 & 8)
  • Set your design price ‘wisely’

*Note: We will adjust pricing your image or design if you give not reasonable price

Happy selling and feel free contact us for further explanation.