Designer Guidance

  1. Add your image or design
  2. Your image or design name
  3. Set your own price
  4. Set your ‘Cover Image’ for your image or design (square PNG/JPG RGB format 1000 x 1000 px)
  5. Write description about your image or design
  6. Choose your categories
  7. Write hashtag for your image or design (ex: illustration, logo, template, design, vector, modern, etc)
  8. Your EPS Zipped file name
  9. Upload your EPS Compressed on ZIP/RAR with maximum 16 mb
  10. Copy paste your image or design description (step 5)
  11. Submit your design for ‘review’ process


  • Keep ‘Virtual & downloadable’ Eps option stay checked!
  • Make sure the font/text on your design is ‘outlined’
  • Make sure your vector design is not containing ‘open path’
  • Make sure your EPS zip file have a ‘same name’ with your design name (Step 2 & 8)
  • Don’t use mock up
  • Set your design price ‘wisely’

*Note: We will adjust pricing your image or design if you give not reasonable price

Happy selling and feel free contact us for further explanation.